About CrossFit Evexia & Therapies

Are you looking to challenge yourself  to increase your strength, speed, flexibility or overall body awareness?

Evexia CrossFit & Therapies supports you on the way to a better version of yourself surrounded by like-minded people. No matter if you are an athlete looking to compete on elite level or the casual workout and coffee lover.

CrossFit includes various modalities such as:

  • Olympic lifting
  • Power lifting
  • Running
  • Strength training and
  • Gymnastics

We adapt workouts to suit every fitness and ability level. You will notice a community of athletes of all ages, sizes, abilities and backgrounds.

Our community is the key to development and successful training. We are a place where everybody feels welcome and can train in a supportive environment, setting us apart from other fitness facilites.

Come in and give it a try, we will be here for you all the way!

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Our Team

Be part of the awesome community where everybody is welcome. Our professional team helps everyone – no matter if elite athlete or sports beginner.

Mikala Dean

Owner/CrossFit Trainer/Occupational Therapist

mikala dean

Brie Dean

Owner/CrossFit Trainer

Brie Dean

About CrossFit

Find out what CrossFit means for us here at CrossFit Evexia.

CrossFit is a combination of different sports such as Olympic and power lifting, gymnastics, running and endurance, as well as strength training.

Quality Trainers

Many of our trainers have tertiary qualifications and practical experience in fields such as Exercise, Physiology, Rehabilitation and Occupational well-being to ensure you are being taught by the best. Our entire coaching team places a focus on technique and form first and foremost so that you get results as efficiently as possible.


Community is the heart of CrossFit – it’s what helps you push through those last few reps and what keeps you craving and coming back for more.

About Recovery & Therapies

Find out what Evexia Therapies has to offer and how we help our athletes to recover.

Evexia offers therapy treatments with our in house Occupational Therapist.

Ice baths, spa, and sauna will be opening SOON to help every aspect of recovering your body, here are just a few!


Not only does ice bath submersion improve recovery from an exercise-induced muscle injury, but it also helps to repair damage associated with intense physical training. Cold therapy speeds up the recovery process by reducing inflammation and delayed-onset muscle pain (DOMS).


Going into the cold helps to stimulate the chemicals in our brain that dictate the way we feel, our focus and attention. Cold water immersion (CWI) can trigger a floodgate of mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain by awaking a natural ‘fight-or-flight’ response.


By exposing our bodies to the sensation of the cold, we’re able to build up a higher tolerance to stress. That’s because, after the initial temperature shock, our bodies are able to calm down and become more resilient to changes in our environment and hence better sleep habits.

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Our Services

Find out more about what Crossfit Evexia has to offer.