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CrossFit Class

What can I expect?

CrossFit is based on functional core movements of everyday life, which will generally consist of weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and more. Whilst CrossFit is known to be some of the hardest and most challenging fitness regimes it has been designed to be scalable for all ages, sizes and abilities.

CrossFit offers a variety of movements that is constantly varied, from lifting a heavy barbell to swinging kettlebells or running 1km for time.

It provides you with the ability to learn new skills which can be transferrable into everyday life, making fitness fun and engaging, removing routine and boredom. Within our CrossFit classes, you can expect to have a warm-up, strength and/or skill component, a WOD (Workout Of the Day) and a cool-down/stretch, that will be different every day you enter the Box!

The utmost best part of CrossFit is the community and the everyday supporters, who raise you up, encourage you to keep moving and finish the workout strong.

You can expect to see a lot of cheering, high-fives and fist pumps!

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How many times per week

  • Monday – Friday 5:30am
  • Monday – Friday 6:30am
  • Monday – Friday 1:30pm
  • Monday – Friday 4:30pm
  • Monday – Friday 5:30pm
  • Saturday 7:00am 

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