Today’s Workout


Sher (Time)
Partner WOD:

3/4 BW clean (Full Squat)

Burpee Chin (Dead Hang)

Double Unders

Private Sher was serving with the Special Operations Task Group when he was killed by a rocket attack in Uruzgan province, on Sunday 4 January, 2009.

Thirty-year-old Private Sher was from the Sydney-based 1st Commando Regiment.

The workout was designed by Dave/Steve to honour Greg’s hard working, determined spirit.

Greg, short in stature but large in heart, had a few bio-mechanical advantages/disadvantages and this punish of a WOD seeks to play on that fact.

3/4 Bodyweight cleans tend to favour the short and stout (Greg), Burpee chins those with greater reach (not Greg). The chins remind us of Greg’s ability, evan as a short ass with the winds against him, to continually keep pace and exceed expectations.

We suggest finding a really high bar – Greg would have loved it. Double-unders are a thrown in to test one’s finer motor skills under duress, those able to keep calm normally finish them unbroken, get a bit worked up and they can be torturous.

Greg was excellent at keeping a game face and this movement rewards those able to pace themselves.